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Background and Coaching Methodologies

Since the mid 18th century, our organizations were based on the concept of the worker as a machine of productivity, a cog in the wheel, in the name of efficiency and productivity. This inevitably led to separating the working human being from their feelings, family concerns, bodies and spirits. Those parts of a person’s life had no place in the work environment. In this third decade of the 21st century we’ve seen abundant evidence of why this approach of separation of work and life, of person from feeling, no longer works. The time has long come for considering the whole person as a valuable human resource. This benefits not only organizational efficiency and productivity, but also nurtures the person, the community and the planet.

With StillMind Coaching Solutions I’m integrating 35-years of experience developing collaborative, highly-functional leaders and teams with other vocational interests I’ve pursued in parallel with my career. I coach using very practical skills and techniques, but from a holistic understanding of human behavior. I’ve studied and integrated the best frameworks, tools and ideas from the following human development disciplines:

  • The journey into self-awareness and discovery using the Enneagram, what I think of as a map of human nature. It describes 9 different patterns, or archetypes, for how we think, feel and behave according to our own personality structure. This powerful tool uncovers the motivation that drives behavior, rather than simply trying to change the behavior itself. Revealing our blind spots helps convert them to assets, and along with our strengths, catalyzes more sustainable change in how we lead.
    (Certified as a Professional Coach in the Integrative 9 Enneagram assessment)
  • The mindfulness perspective, how the skill of paying attention in the moment without getting caught in regrets of the past or fears of the future can change how we work with others and deal with the stress inherent in collaborative efforts.
    (Certified as a Level 1 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher with the Mindfulness Center at Brown University)
  • The human systems perspective, a powerful lens on how human interaction remarkably imitates self-organizing biological systems, leading to insights about how to work better together as people and build thriving organizational systems. This body of tools and techniques helps make sense of the complexity that pervades our work environments today – social, political, and economic – so we can see patterns. Understanding patterns of behavior during unpredictable or chaotic times, helps leaders respond with more effective actions. 
    (Certified as a professional Human Systems Dynamics facilitator)
  • And, finally the perspective of the shadow’ (drawn from the 19th century pioneer psychologist Carl Jung) meaning the parts of our personalities that we’ve learned to hide, reject or repress in order to be accepted by others and be effective in our own lives. When we split off or deny parts of ourselves, we warp our perception of what’s happening in the moment. As leaders and collaborators, we then fail to see information, cues and clues to possible solutions, and lose opportunities for generative collaboration. Uncovering these hidden shadows prevents them from hijacking our conversations and actions, allowing us to integrate into our leadership the lost wisdom and vitality they hold.
    (Previous owner of Shadow Work® Seminars, and trained Shadow Work coach and facilitator)

This is all by way of saying that if you chose to work with me, you can expect some level of transformation within your whole working self to meet the challenges you face as a leader. We’ll address all the critical domains that influence behavior at work including the cognitive, emotional and physical. That said, this is coaching not therapy. All inquiry and practical skill development are in the service of and oriented around your specific work goals. Our coaching path together will be consensual and finite, with a beginning, middle and end. You are in the driver’s seat. I simply have the privilege of being your navigator.

Welcome to the journey!

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