Leader Burnout → Build Resilience

Learn how to embrace stress and build the resilience to lead with insight and grace under pressure.

Three major signs of burnout – exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy – slowly erode a leader’s capacity to lead. But burnout is just a symptom. A frequent underlying cause of burnout – unmanaged chronic stress – diminishes a leader’s ability to decide on and execute priorities, manage performance, and stay in relationship with employees. It’s also one of the top reasons leaders themselves leave their organizations.

Using a powerful and well-researched leadership development assessment, The Integrative Enneagram, we will uncover the underlying behavior and thought patterns that chip away at your ability to manage stressful situations and constantly changing conditions. Using tried and true Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques, we will focus on your current stress-related challenges and devise tailored approaches for healthy and effective responses. Additionally, we’ll work on developing your skills to better interact with others when under pressure, and to build rather than erode trust and confidence in your leadership.


4-8 month individualized, goal-driven, one-on-one coaching program


(all goals are tailored to individual aspirations and needs)

  • Greater understanding of your orientation to stress
  • Key techniques and skills to bounce back and grow from stress
  • Sustainable strategies for managing and communicating when under pressure

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