Less Remote Control → Build Commitment

Learn skillful ways to provide direction and manage employees in the hybrid or remote work environment that result in greater commitment and consistent forward action.

Leading remote employees puts a new slant on the leader’s dilemma: How much to hold on to vs. let go of control? At the root of this dilemma is how to share your authority and work process design so that the job gets done creatively, yet efficiently and with quality. Especially when working with people in different geographies who speak different languages and have different cultures and norms, remote leadership can be a minefield of unintended consequences. It’s more likely that someone will be misunderstood, or that the burden of remote work isn’t shared equally. Not to mention the Zoom fatigue from too many badly designed and poorly facilitated online meetings. This matters because meetings are often a mirror of what is happening in the group or organization as a whole. Social dynamics that show up in meetings are bound to be at work outside of meetings.

Getting more control over the process and productivity of online meetings and the work that happens in between, can go a long way to creating an environment where people are more committed and motivated to collaborate across functions, time and geography. And that takes a huge burden off your shoulders as a leader managing a distributed or hybrid workforce.

Using a powerful and well-researched leadership development assessment, The Integrative Enneagram, we will discover underlying behavior and thought patterns that create blind spots in your ability to motivate others or manage their performance from near or far. Tapping into the latest neuroscience findings and applying tried-and-true tools for working virtually, you will master the art and science of working in the hybrid or remote environment.


4-8 month individualized, goal-driven, one-on-one coaching program


(all goals are tailored to individual aspirations and needs)

  • Capacity for motivating distanced employees with an inspiring vision of the future
  • Techniques for sharing decision-making, designing work, and getting maximum engagement in the remote or hybrid work environment that are fair and effective
  • Tried and true methods for making virtual meetings productive and engaging

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